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PREPARATION Before starting this assignment, you should have written and presented your proposal and had written approval, via email, from the lecturer that you have an appropriate research project. All students should refer to the assessment rubrics to ensure they understand how they will be assessed.
For this assignment, you are required to write a research report of no longer than 20 pages which does not include the title page, contents page (which should be constructed using the word option for this), references or the raw data.
The 20-page report will include, but is not limited to, the following sections and recommended section length:
1. Title Page
2. Contents page (use MSWord tool to construct the table)
3. Project summary (includes key finding, issues and opportunities arising from the research) (½ page)
4. Introduction – background, statement of the problem (1 page)
5. Literature review - the general topic area (brief), the specific topic which the study focused on, and the identified gap(s) in the literature and HRM theory that drives your project. (4 pages)
6. Research question(s), and hypothesis/research proposition(s) (½ page)–
7. Methodology – aim, research design, sample, instruments, data collection and data analysis (3 pages)
8. Results/Findings (2 pages)
9. Discussion – including answering the research questions/hypotheses/propositions. Make sure you take your research back to address how it impacts both the theoretical perspective and the results in previous studies reported in the literature. (5 pages)
10. Recommendations and implications based on the research findings including the likely future direction of HRM in this area. (2 pages)
11. Limitations – reflect on methodological and other limitations of your project (1 page)
12. Conclusion – ensure this is clearly linked to your results (1 page)
13. References (not included in word count). 14. Appendices (not included in word or page count) – includes but is not limited to the following: instruments, collected raw data, data analysis example or table, information letter, and informed consent.
Topic: Differences in retaining older worker in bank of Bhutan verse other generations
Please refer the proposal for writing as it is fully based on this proposal.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 6938 words including Appendix and References

Note: It is based on Proposal
Topic: Differences in retaining older worker in Bank of Bhutan verses other generations

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