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Design Network Infrastructure
Group Project
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March 2020
This is a group project that contributes 25% of the internal mark for this subject.
The project assesses ULO2, ULO3, ULO4, ULO5 and ULO6.
This is a group project (Group of 4).
The project should be presented in the class by Week 12 and the report should be submitted in
Moodle before this. The links for both the presentation and the report will be available in Moodle.
Submit your report to the Moodle drop-box for Group project (One submission from a group). Note that this will be a turn-it-in drop box and as such you will be provided with a similarity score. This will be considered when grading the assignment. Note that incidents of plagiarism will be penalized. If your similarity score is high you can re-submit your report, but re-submissions are only allowed up to the due date. If you submit your assignment after the due date and time resubmissions will not be allowed.
Please Note: All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day including weekends.
The report should contain
1. Introduction
2. Problem
3. Data Collection.
3.1 Background Information Analysis.
3.2 Understanding Network Requirement
4. Solution
4.1 Design Model
4.2 Switching
4.3 Security
4.4 IP Addressing and Routing Protocol
4.5 E-Mail
4.6 QoS and Voice
4.7 Wireless
4.8 Network Management
4.9 Future Considerations
5. Network Design.
6. Summary
7. Reference (In IEEE format)
In the report,
• Any Main heading (Those numbered 1,2,3 etch): Calibri 12 Bold. All the main headings should start in a new page.
• Any Subheading: Calibri 12 Bold. Subheadings will be continued one after another.
• Any picture: Should be Clear, Relevant, mention the reference if copying from somewhere. Every picture should have an explanation down the picture. The pictures should follow the numbers too.
• Any table should have the number and details Above the table.
A university has 7 departments namely, IT, Finance, HR, Management, Faculty, students and R&D. The university also has an ADSL internet connection which is shared for the different departments. It is required that all the departments should have intercommunication via LAN.
Each of the department contain 50-200 users.
As the case everywhere, the students and the staffs need to have access to Wi-Fi connectivity as well.
The university campus contains 3 different buildings located nearby, having 2, 3 and 4 floors each.
You are asked to design of a network infrastructure for a university, focusing on the following aspects.
• The network architecture model you will be choosing.
• The switching and routing requirement • The IP Design schema for the department.
• Design with VLAN
• The security measures taken for both the wired and wireless network.
• The Wi-Fi design as required for the university.
The final network infrastructure may be created in packet tracer or any familiar tools available.
You may create the model in a word file too, by indicating all the information clearly.
Marking Guide: Project Report (40 marks)
Task Description Marks
Report layout The report style, language and structure should be appropriate. 5
Network infrastructure Network structure and Modularity concepts must be used and explained. 5
Switching Design Explained the switching requirements 5
Routing Design Explained the routing requirements 5
Network Security Possible security threats of the designed network should be mentioned, and the mitigation techniques need to be explained. 5
Wireless Network Design. The report should include the design tasks and techniques for Wi-Fi Network. 5
Conclusion Final network structure designed should be fulfilling all the requirements mentioned in the problem. 10
Marking Guide: Presentation (10 Marks)
Task Description Marks
Visual Presentation PowerPoint slides are assessed here based on the relevance of data, format and template of VIT. 2
Oral Presentation The presentation skill of the individual is assessed here. 2
Analysis of the problem The work is assessed based on how good the problem is analyzed and how appropriate the solutions are. 2
Knowledge on network infrastructure design The final design, the justifications, alternate options, areas of difficulties etc. should be justifiable. 4

A ZIP Archive with 2 files including Word Document and .pkt files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1914 words including Diagrams and References

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