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MNG932002 Strategy and Case Analysis Assessment 3
Due Date: 9:00 am (AEST) 25 May 2020
Value: 50% (marked out of 50)
This assessment requires students to demonstrate understanding and application of all three elements of the Exploring Strategy Model: Strategic Position, Strategic Choice and Strategy in Action.
Report Task:
During the 1980s and 1990s, Blockbuster dominated the US home video rental market. However, the emergence of Netflix in 1997 with its ‘rental by mail’ model challenged Blockbuster’s business model (and market dominance). Blockbuster’s market position was further weakened when Netflix began to stream video content directly to consumers’ computers. In this case study, you are required to prepare a 3000-word report that explains the ascendancy of Netflix and how it should maintain its dominance.
• Conduct a historical analysis of Netflix and Blockbuster and identify and explain the path dependency of the organisations.
• Conduct a cultural analysis of Netflix and Blockbuster and identify and explain the implications of the organisations’ culture on their respective strategic development.
• Use the Strategic Position analysis above to identify and explain strategic drift as it relates to the organisations and its relevance to the fall of Blockbuster and the ascendancy of Netflix.
• Identify and explain the Strategic Choices (E.G., business, corporate, international, acquisitions/alliances and entrepreneurship) adopted by Blockbuster and Netflix that led to their respective fall and rise.
• Identify the challenges and competitors to Netflix and evaluate whether it will continue to remain as the dominant online streaming provider.
• Discuss whether Netflix should apply deliberate or emergent strategy development (Strategy in Action) to maintain its dominance and what factors will be involved in this process.
Report Structure:
Note: Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Reference List do not contribute to the word count.
Section Content
Assignment Cover Sheet Assignment/student information. No page numbering.
Title Page • This is developed by the individual student. Identify the unit name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, and the word count. • The title should provide insight into the focus of the report. • Note: The Title Page is should not have any page numbering.
Executive Summary • A brief overview of the importance of the topic and the aim and findings of the report. • Must be on a page by itself that is numbered in roman numerals.
Table of Contents • Professional presentation using MSWord Insert Table of Contents function. • On a page by itself and numbered in roman numerals.
Introduction • Provide topic orientation (what is the topic and why is it important), state the aim of the report, define any key terms and outline what will be presented in the report. • Page numbering commences. “Page 1” begins at the bottom right hand corner.
Body (do not use the word “Body ” as a heading) • Content • Theory • Analysis • Discussion • Context: Historical overview of both Blockbuster and Netflix. • Theory: Provide explanation and relevance of Strategic Position, Strategic Choice and Strategy in Action tools and concepts that will be applied in the report. • Analysis: Conduct historical and cultural analyses as outlined in the assessment task. Provide diagrams to depict and summarise main findings of the analyses. • Discussion: Interpret and use findings of preceding analysis to recommend strategic choices for Netflix and the strategy development process it should pursue.
Conclusions • Restate the aim of report and its significance. • Summarise main findings/evaluation. • State limitations of report.
List of References • Present List of References on a separate page and correctly apply Harvard referencing style.
Appendices • Any additional information if required.
Report Format:
• Perspective - Use 3rd-person perspective when writing.
• Font style - Times New Roman, 12pt, justified, 1 % line spacing.
• Margins - top and bottom to be 2.54cm. Left and right to be 2.54cm. No page borders.
• Spelling - specify Australian English language/grammar when running spell-check.
• Writing - Grammar and expression must conform to the standards of a professional academic report.