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NURS1131 - Media annotation submit your finished assignment here
This part of the assessment requires the student to review a video of a skill associated with the course and assess the performance of the skill, analyse the video for quality of performance and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the performance based on cited research.
This will be submitted via turnitin by 5pm on Wednesday 20th May.
Instructions for the Media annotation
Please make sure you indicate which video you reviewed on your submission
The media annotation requires you to review a video of an arrest scenario associated with the course and assess the performance of the skill.
The BLS/ ALS videos on the canvas website must be used.
You need to analyse the video for quality of performance and identify practices not in line with the ARC guidelines and identify the strengths and weaknesses (technical and nontechnical) of the performance based on cited research. You can provide recommendations for practice change. For all the discussion you need to link to the ARC guidelines specifically and identify the research to provide evidence to support your comments and or recommendations made for improving performance.
You are expected to search for evidence in journals.
There are many journals with research into BLS and ALS so try and use these rather than a website (although the ARC website does provide reliable information as well. Examples of journals available via the library include: Resuscitation, Chest, Heart and Lung).
Do not use sites like Wikipaedia or WebMD as a source. – any such sources will not be deemed an appropriate reference
Word limit – 1500 - 2000
Ensure you reference your discussion
An example
Media Annotation
-After reviewing the video scenario several areas of poor performance were identified. In this assignment the video scenario will be analysed and positive and negative issues identified and discussed based on the available evidence.
It was noted the depth of compression appeared inadequate on multiple occasions. According to Smith and Jones (2014) depth of compression of at least 5cm is necessary to generate a cardiac output. Several studies have identified the importance of compression depth during cardiac arrest (Frank, 2015; Smyth, 2011; Simmonds, 2012; Alfonso & Sidonas, 2005). Franks (2105) study of survival from cardiac arrest found a statistically significant relationship between ROSC and compression depth. Those patients who had compressions of 6 cm had a greater likelihood of ROSC compared to those with a compression depth less than 5cm (p=0.01). …………………………….-
This is just an example
Please remember to indicate on your assignment which video you have reviewed
Video 1-
Video 2-
Rubric attached as well

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1866 words including References

Title: Media annotation assignment

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