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Section 6.
Earthworks, Harvest planning and operations schedule. Outline a timeline and schedule for the harvest planning, earthworks and harvesting of the site
1. Harvest planning earthworks and harvesting operations Gantt Chart
• Harvest Planning
• Consultation with stakeholders
• Resource Consent application and approval process
• Earthworks planning , construction and maintenance
• Roadline salvage
• Clearfell harvesting
• Post-harvest rehabilitation, maintenance and monitoring
Use and Modify the Excel Gantt chart template example (provided) for your own harvest planning project schedule
1 x Excel Gantt Chart for your harvest planning project schedule/timeline (MS Excel)
(8 marks)
Section 8.
Harvesting and engineering operations work programme and budget summaries
a) Two/three year operational work programme (based on section 6) and budget
Schedule operations by month and year in a spreadsheet format
Use your calculated road/landing ($/m2 and $/Km) and harvesting costs ($/tonne) from section 6. to calculate a monthly/annual budget for the following:
• Road and landing engineering operations
• Road-lining operations
• Clearfell harvesting operations
• Post-harvest rehabilitation operations
Note – that the road construction operations will need to be scheduled for the ‘drier’ summer months – this will mean that the preceding roadlining operations will need to be scheduled accordingly
(4 marks)
b) Budget summaries
Develop annual budget summaries in spreadsheet format, to present budget in summarised form:

• Cost and area monthly Summary
1 x Excel worksheet work programme and budget summary per year of harvest planning and operations (for example – 3 x years project management planning –harvesting –post harvesting = 3 x Excel worksheets)
2-3 x year operational work programme (MS Excel)
2-3 x year operational work programme budget summaries (MS Excel) – these can be combined to produce 1 x work programme and budget summary
(6 marks)
Total (10 marks)

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