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1. Provide the rationale for the choice of the research design (qualitative/ quantitative/mixed method) and its relevance to proposed research project (350 words)
2. Provide the rationale for the selection of the participants (sampling criteria), sampling strategies and data collection method and its appropriateness to the proposed research project (350 words)
3. Provide the rationale for the selection of the data analysis method and why is it appropriate for the proposed research project? (300 words)
Assessment 2: Poster Weighting: 30% Word count: There is a word limit of 1500 words (Part A 500 words and Part B 1000 words). Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10%-word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 1500 words (Part A-500 words and Part B-1000 words) plus 10%.
Due Date: Week 11, Monday 11th May 2020 at 23.59 hrs
Submission details: – You MUST use the template provided on vUWS under the ’Assessment 2’ tab located on the left hand pane for both Part A (poster) and Part B (guided questions with rationale) – Submit your assessment through Turnitin. – Fill in the required information which correctly corresponds to the headings in the template provided – The ’background’ section of the poster and responses to the guided questions with rational MUST be referenced (minimum five academic references) – Footnotes may be used for referencing in the poster to save the space. A guide on how to footnote is located under the ’Assessment 2’ tab in vUWS – The word limit for the poster is 500 words and for the rationale is 1000 The word limit allocated for each question is only a guide and is based on the weighting of the marks for each question
Marking Criteria and Standards: See pages 9-10 Aim of assessment: The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to; ·Develop a research project from the given topic area, highlight the significance, research question, conduct the initial literature search and illustrate the proposed research methods in the form of a poster (Learning outcome 1, 3 and 4). ·Explain the rationale of the selected research methodology including data analysis and its relevance to the proposed research project (Learning outcome 1 and 3).
Details: Select from one of the topics below: For Nursing students only Topic area 1: Medication safety is an integral part of nursing and midwifery practice. Medicines are associated with a higher incidence of errors and adverse events than other healthcare interventions. In the interest of patient safety, measures must be undertaken to improve the safety and quality of medication administration.
Topic area 2: A healthcare-associated infection (HAI), is an infection that is acquired in a hospital or other health care facility. Healthcare-associated infections are one of the most common complications affecting patients in healthcare facilities. Consequences of HAIs include; prolonged hospital stays and increased cost of patient care, as well as unnecessary pain and suffering for patients and in some cases death.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1683 words including Template and References

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