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Part B: 2000 words
Assessment Part B Report and Pitch Presentation
Report: 2000 words
Presentation 10 minutes
Due date Week 25th june, 1700hrs)
Report: 30%
Submission Submission report. Your assessments will be submitted into a Turnitin submission box within the SNUG202 Moodle site.
Type of Collaboration Individual Assessment Length Part A Report: 2000 words Part B Presentation: 10 minutes
Length Report: 2000 words
Presentation 10 minutes
Details This assessment uses and builds on the articles that you used in assessment part A. However, it is expected that you use additional references for this assessment. There are 2 parts to this assessment.
Report: You are asked to prepare a report that recommends a change in practice in the self-management of asthma. In your report, you must include a discussion that includes the following points:
1. Describe the practice change – the practice change must be informed by the evidence that you have collected. This evidence can include the articles used in assessment part A and other articles/evidence you may have found. We suggest a minimum of 5 primary research articles. (800 words)
2. Discuss the need for the change in practice in the self-management of asthma. (400 words)
3. Reflect on the barriers that might impact or hinder the implementation of your practice change and describe how these barriers maybe overcome or managed. (500 words) As this is a report, you should include an executive summary (150 words); this is placed at the start of your report. References, headings and incidentals (150 words). An introduction/conclusion is not required.
Subject Learning outcomes 1-5
Marking criteria The marking criteria for this assessment task is available in this guide.
Part B : report

Pitch presentation