Recent Question/Assignment

Task 2
1.Your guidelines should also identify and explain a number of key issues affecting the
ability to organise an effective event and conference management.
2.1 An analysis of the administrative considerations for effective event and
conference planning.
2.2 A discussion of etiquette and protocol requirements for events and
2.3 An analysis of the key legal and financial aspects of events and conference
2. Understand the key issues involved in effective management of events and conferences
2.1 (Hints) Administrative procedures:
a) Management stages
b) decision-making
c) client liaison,
d) component elements of event
e) contacts with external providers (e.g. caterers, IT suppliers, florists, etc), marketing, health & safety, legal aspects.
2.2(Hints) Function etiquette and protocol:
Guidelines for cultural and religious events,
a) weddings
b) public meetings,
c) formal dinners,
d) seating plans,
e) room designs,
f) personnel (e.g. 'meet and greet' staff, master of ceremonies, etc)
2.3(Hints) Legal and financial considerations:
a) Costing and pricing techniques
b) profitability
c) legislation