Recent Question/Assignment

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Close the Gap 2018 report highlights the need for greater investment ACCHSs as a preferred service for closing the gap. Address the following tasks in your discussion essay:
i. define what an ACCHS is, and discuss how ACCHSs respond to holistic health needs, as per the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander definition of health (as included in the NACCHO Constitution) (325 words)
ii. compare and contrast ACCHSs and GPs regarding their ability to provide holistic and culturally safe care (325 words)
iii. describe the role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker (ATSIHW). Discuss what nurses need to consider when working with ATSIHW in an interdisciplinary team (325 words)
iv. define self-determination and explain how it relates to ACCHOs, ATSIHWs and cultural safety (325 words)