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Please do not let me down regarding to this assessment is extremely simple and easier.
This assessment is based in presentation, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL PROPERLY.
The first file attached is the assessment my group did Have a look PLEASE !When you open the file My part is the one with red colours -my part is the financial one. The reason why i put all my part to the expert he needs to read the work and understands what the group work is about .
what do I want from the expert ?!
First of all I want an expert in Finance
Second thing I basically need 3 slides about this part. Feedback from the teacher: -Try to condense what is already written, and if can add a few sentences to talk about a 3 year cash flow to accompany the slides- -Because in the report is not a third year cash flow if the expert can create one based on the report it will be fantastic!
Create one slide about set up costs and budgets based on this report.
Create another slides based risks cost and revenues (on this one is there the expert will add the third year cash flow )
The last one about break even and growth.
Resume I need 3 slides based on what I described above.
Plus it will be a presentation so I need a report about this slides in 500 words explaining each and one of them makes sense ?!
Basically on this presentation we need to sell the business to the teacher because when he marks the script we need to referring back why is important the teacher invest us.
So I really need some one very very good based on this assessment to do this
Due date Saturday 9/5/2020
3 slides with explanation provided above and a report in 500 words explaining the slides.
I also attached files about the lecture in case he/she would like to do some research

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 672 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 4 slides

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