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Assessment overview
Due Date: Friday 5 June 2pm
Weight: 40%
Description: Social analysis of a public health issue of a vulnerable population in a location of your choice
Assessment description
Your task is conduct a social analysis and write a case study of up to 2200 words. Undertaking a social analysis is a core public health skill. You are required to apply the components of what you have learnt in PUBH7620 to the investigation of a public health issue, in a vulnerable population, in a location of your choice.
1. Choose a public health issue
2. Choose a vulnerable population that is at risk and or/affected by the public health issue in the location.
3. Choose a geographical location where this public health issue is prevalent.
4. Write a social analysis of the health issue in the population group, in the location using academic/ peer reviewed literature
In writing your case study you need to address the following:
• What is the health issue, locality and vulnerable population? How is the health issue socially distributed in the locality?
• What are the social determinants linked to the health issue that are experienced by your vulnerable population?
• What are the social, cultural and political impacts of the public health issue on the vulnerable population in your country/location?
• How is the health issue socially constructed for your vulnerable population (e.g., issues of stigma, discrimination, victim blaming)?
• What is the response of the chosen vulnerable group to the public health issue?
• Critically assess the country/ service provision response to this issue.
• What research/further information is needed to understand the issue?
• Propose a public health response to this issue (using an upstream, mid-stream and/or downstream approach to the social determinants of health) outlining a rationale for your proposed response. Assignment Format Requirements
Please ensure that your assignment complies with the following formatting specifications.
• Assessment cover sheet: Please sign and attach the assessment cover sheet (available in the assessment tab on the course BB site) to the front of your submission. Typing your name in the Cover Sheet Declaration will suffice as your signature that the work has not been plagiarised.
• Writing style: The social analysis should be written in good academic English and draw on course readings and additional literature.
• Word limit: As indicated above the social analysis should be no more than 2200 words. Please note this does not include the reference list.
• Paper Size: Standard A4 (210 x 297mm)
• Margins: All margins at least 2.0cm
• Font: At least 11 point and Times New Roman only
• Line spacing: 1.5 line spacing
• References: Harvard or APA style. Attach references as a separate page at the end of your assignment. Each week's journal submission must contain appropriate referencing - you must reference all sources used.
• File Name: LastName_PUBH7620 Social analysis
• Submission: Via the submission link on the course Blackboard site by Midnight EST Friday 1 June 2018.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2891 words including References

Title: Childhood obesity in Queensland Australia

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