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Hello i want you to do the something similer to this oral presintation the due date is tommorow 9 am but do not writte about nursing and leave school.
presentation where you will:

? Explain your choice of metaphor and how it represents your language and literacy journey
? Discuss how your language and literacy has developed over time
-Identify areas of strength in own personal literacy and English language skills and areas that require development for your effective tertiary study.

(*the metaphor is a house)

The example is :-

Good afternoon everyone.
Would you all agree that no two literacy and language journeys are the same? (Yes) For me I would consider my literacy journey a house. Now I know that might sound a little strange but let me explain why.

I consider my early years literacy and language journey as the foundation of my house, as these are the years that started it all. My first memories of my journey are of my parents reading books to me, they would read a range of books to me including the little golden circle books, nursey rhymes, pop up books and touch and feel books you can see this is one of the photos behind me. They would also sing songs and lullabies to and with me. One of the lullaby’s I use to sing was rock a bye a bear and use to do the actions with it, you can see me doing this in this photo.

I also remember using a leappad I would choose one of many of the leappad books that my parents had brought. I would touch each word with the pen listening carefully to each word that it read and then quickly across the words to hear the complete sentence. I also spent a lot of one to one time with my family members which helped me start my vocabulary journey. At the age of three I started attending playgroup and progressed to kinder at the age of 4 expanded on my reading skills and vocabulary.

During my primary school years I further developed my language and literacy skills. I consider these years to also be the framework of my house. This is because these years are built upon the foundations of my early years. I attended two different schools during this time Mooroopna primary and completed grade 1 at St. Mary’s, this is a photo of me at my first school Mooroopna primary. My parents continued to read stories to me at bedtime however a little more advanced compared to my early years and I would also read parts of the book as well. Some of the books we use to read were the goosebumps series, catwitch and tales for the midnight hour.
From grade one onwards I was required to take home a book and read it out loud to my parents each night. My parents would have to sign off that I had read to them and I would fill out the other sections such as the book title and the pages we had read, a little similar to what’s shown here. I also had to learn how to read a list of 10 words each week until around grade 2 or three. At around grade 2 or 3 I was then required practice my spelling each night. Each week I would be given a list of 10 words I would need write down 10 times, the first 5 with the word uncovered and the last 5 time covered.

At around grade 5 my primary school teacher believed I was having trouble with reading, however I just had trouble reading out loud to people, not that I ever told him nor did he ever ask. Reading out loud to someone scared me so much I would stutter my words, and my brain would also read the words faster than what my what my mouth could say. Because of this my teachers believed I needed to enter a special program called rainbow reading. The rainbow reading program has 6 different levels, all represented by colours.

Participating in this program meant I would have time set aside during class to listen to a cassette tape, whilst following along with the book. I started at the first level being red and progressed through all the colours. In order for me to advance to the next level I had to read 4 books of that level out loud without any mistakes to the teachers aid. I found this program somewhat helpful with my journey. However, the more I read to the same teaching aid the more comfortable I felt with them, I believe this is more so the reason I improved in reading out loud rather that it being due to the program. During these year I also learnt other languages such as Indonesian, Japanese and Italian.
I also consider my secondary school years as part of my framework. This is due to these years being an extension of my primary school learning and further building on my foundations. My secondary school year are the years I first learnt how to write an essay as well as argumentative pieces, you can see examples of my own writing on the bottom left hand side. I further expanded on my knowledge of Japanese and Italian and started to read independently prior to bed. These are also the years I did my first ever oral presentation in front of a group and started reading more advanced literature. I read texts such as Parvana and Macbeth just to name a couple.
I Left secondary school during year 11 just two month before exams. I enrolled into the Diploma of nursing and hence beginning my tertiary studies. I consider this the fix out and décor of my house. I feel this is the best way to explain this stage of my life as its more personalised and suited to me. During my diploma of nursing I learnt medical vocabulary and abbreviations as seen to the left of the screen, I am still expanding on the knowledge as I move through different areas of nursing. I understand there are still many areas I still need to improve on such as oral presentations, spelling and use of correct punctuation just to name a few, however in identifying these areas I am able to access tools such as BKSB to help improve on these areas

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