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Academic Session 2020 January 2020 Semester
ELL305/05 Semantics
1. This assignment is the alternative assessment to replace the proctored examination.
2. This assignment consists of two (2) sections. Answer ALL questions in both sections.
3. You are allowed a maximum of one (1) attempt to submit your assignment.
4. The assignment will be available in the LMS from 27th April 2020, Monday (00:00), until 25th May 2020, Monday (23:59)
5. Completed assignments must be submitted via Online Assignment Submission (OAS) system by 25th May 2020, Monday (23:59)
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ELL305/05 Semantics
Assignment 3 (50%)
1. This assignment covers topics in Units 1 -5 of the ELL305/05 course materials.
2. The total marks for Assignment 3 are 100 and contribute 50% to the total grade.
3. Please note that this is an individual assignment.
4. You are expected to include a Bibliography section listing out all the relevant resources you have consulted in completing this assignment.
5. The Bibliography and in-text citations should be in APA (American Psychological Association) style. (Marks will be deducted for inappropriate style)
6. Read the instructions carefully before attempting Assignment 3.
7. Students are highly encouraged to passage their Assignments to the Turnitin system before submission, to encourage honest academic writing and it is not mandatory except for Project courses.
8. However, you are encouraged to use Turnitin to check the similarity index before you submit your Assignment 3 to OAS. As a rule of thumb, a similarity index of 30% and above may justify the need to review your Assignment 3. Bear in mind too of the consequences of subsequent submission of your Assignment 3 in Turnitin (more than once). In such cases, the Turnitin Originality Report will take at least 24 hours or more to generate. So, please PLAN wisely your Assignment 3 submission in order to prevent passing the submission deadline.
9. Your assignment is to be submitted via the Online Assignment Submission (OAS) System to your course tutor. We do not expect submissions through hard copies. The deadline for Assignment 3 submission is Monday, 25 May 2020.
10. Plagiarism or collusion of any kind, including copying from one another, may result in disciplinary action in addition to all colluding parties being awarded a zero for the assignment.
11. Please adhere to the guidelines below for assignment submission:
i. The manuscript should be typewritten using Times New Roman font size 12 with double spacing throughout the manuscript, on the A4-sized layout with the left and right margins set to 2 cm and top and bottom margins set respectively to 1.7 cm and 2 cm.
ii. A cover sheet with the student’s name, course code and course name should accompany the assignment.
Part A: Article Summaries and Reflections (60 marks)
Review the following 3 articles in the Appendix:
Article 1: Power and Metaphor
Article 2: Malaysian English: Attitudes and Awareness in the Malaysian Context
Article 3: ‘This is not Gambling but Gaming’: Methods of Promoting a Lottery Gaming Company in a Malaysian Daily
1. In your own words, write 2 summaries for any 2 of the 3 articles. (20 marks)
2. In your own words, reflect on and discuss 2 key takeaways related to the course that you have learned from any 2 of the 3 articles, one takeaway for each article. (20 marks)
3. Select one article and in your own words, discuss to what extent do you agree with the key findings and discussion of the study? Justify your answer with specific reference to the article. (20 marks)
Part B: Identification and Analysis of Linguistic Features in Articles (30 marks)
Review the 3 articles above in the Appendix and identify, underline and analyse the following linguistic items:
1. Identify a sentence with a metaphor. (2 marks)
2. Identify a complex sentence. (3 marks)
3. Identify a sentence in the conditional mood. (2 marks)
4. Identify a sentence indicating hearsay evidentiality. (3 marks)
5. Identify 2 sentences with a word with positive connotation for each sentence and provide brief explanation. (2 x 4m = 8 marks)
6. Identify 3 sentences with a word with negative connotation for each sentence and provide brief explanation. (3 x 4m = 12 marks)
Your assignment should include the following sections:
a) Part A: Article Summaries and Reflections (60 marks)
b) Part B: Identification and Analysis of Linguistic Features in Articles (30 marks)
c) Bibliography
Additional Marks Allocation
The content of the assignment accounts for 90 marks as shown above whereas the other 10 marks are awarded for language and Bibliography as follows:
Language and Bibliography (10 marks)
• Accuracy – correct grammar usage
• Evidence of correct spelling
• Presence of correct punctuations
• Appropriate choice of vocabulary
• Indication of word count
• Adherence to length and formatting requirements
• Evidence of sufficient references to at least 3 authoritative and relevant sources in discussion.
• Adherence to correct APA style in bibliography entries. (Refer to the following WOU library link for the APA guidelines:
Assignment Grading Criteria
Part A
1. Presence of 2 summaries for any 2 of the 3 articles.
2. Clarity in outlining the essence of articles in the 2 summaries.
3. Ability to articulate in-depth reflections on 2 key takeaways with specific reference to articles.
4. Relevance of and link between reflections and course materials.
5. Articulation of a clear stance on some findings and discussion of the study.
6. Evidence of sound justification to support comments on the article.
Part B
1. Accuracy in identification, explanation and analysis of the linguistic items.
2. Organised presentation of complete answers in fulfilling task requirements.
3. Indication of linguistic items by reproducing the sentence, underlining the linguistic item in the sentence, providing article number, article page number and article line number in the answers.
4. Evidence of marking out the linguistic items by highlighting them in yellow in the articles.