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Use the APA referencing system
Word count or equivalent: 1600 words
Judge the implementation and levels of adoption of sustainable practices by a tourism and hospitality organisation. To do this review a sustainability report produced by an organisation of your choice. Your review needs to cover the following criteria:
• What social, economic and environmental sustainability practices were implemented at the tourism or hospitality enterprise?
• Which areas of sustainability were not implemented? Why?
• Generally what impacts (positive and negative) were created by the organization for all of the stakeholders involved?
• What sustainable frameworks or reporting practices were used to compile the report? How did these frameworks contribute to the organisation, transparency and rigour of the report?
Prior to writing your report you need to create a table, which lists all of the sustainability practices implemented by the organisation that you are investigating. You will get this information from an annual sustainability report produced by the organisation. Put these practices into relevant groups such as energy or water. Use the GRI reporting standards as a guide. Remember you need to cover both environmental and social practices. Once completed the table serves as your data which you interpret to answer the key criteria for the report. (See the dot points above or the rubric on the following pages) ??????????????
?Please use the rubric as a guide in the submission of your report - in particular take note of the compliance section of the rubric. Failure to meet the compliance section of the rubric will result in the report not being marked. ???????????????????????????

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2274 words including References


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