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BUS300 Business Ethics and Sustainability UG
Short answer questions to be submitted to Turnitin in lieu of in class Mid -Term Examination
Purpose: To test the knowledge of fundamental concepts of business ethics and sustainability explored in Chapters 1 -4
Due: Week 8 Monday 5 pm
This is a n open book take home examination.
Instructions for Students:
- You must answer 5 of the 8 questions provided. An answer would require 130-150 words to adequately demonstrate knowledge of the concept
- Each question is worth 3 marks. - This exam is worth 15 marks. - You will need to submit your answer sheet on Moodle by the due date and time. Do not plagiarize.
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Final Mark /15
T0120 Mid-Trimester Examination: BUS300 UG – Business Ethics and Sustainability Page 1 of 2
Question 1.
As a student of business ethics and sustainability, challenges of globalisation have emerged and considerable interest has been directed towards the development of new ways of addressing the diverse impact of business in society. Critically discuss two of the four global challenges impacting business in society today. 3 Marks
Question 2.
Ethical theories are categorised into consequentialists (teleological) and nonconsequentialists (deontological) theories. Describe one theory from each and how it may be applied in a business sense. 3 Marks
Question 3.
Globalisation has impacted on employment, manufacturing, legal, accountability and cultural issues. Describe from an ethical perspective how culture is impacted by
Globalisation. 3 Marks
Question 4.
Milton Friedman in 1970 put forward an argument that it was the sole responsibility of business to make a profit. Describe how the study of business ethics addresses this concern and any counter arguments discussed in our subject to date. 3 Marks
Question 5.
Feminist ethics was introduced as an alternative ethical theory and championed by who? Describe the theory and give an example of how it relates to society. 3 Marks
Question 6.
Describe the ethical decision making process and give an example of this process in action. 3 Marks
Question 7.
Lawrence Kohlberg described cognitive moral development that established three broad levels. Describe one of these levels and give an example of how a business may be said
to be operating at this level. 3 Marks
Question 8.
Define the broad and narrow economic views and how they may impact on government.
3 Marks
T0120 Mid-Trimester Examination: BUS300 UG – Business Ethics and Sustainability Page 2 of 2

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