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I want you to help me with this questions I want you to answer each one about 150words for each point
1.The Economics and Business curriculum explores the ways in which individuals, families, the community, workers, businesses and governments make decisions in relation to the allocation of resources. It enables students to understand the process of economic and business decision-making at the personal, local, national, regional and global levels and the effects of these decisions on themselves and others, now and in the future. Students learn to appreciate the interdependence of decisions made and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that will inform and encourage them to participate in, and contribute to, the economy.-
Victorian Curriculum- Economics and Business: Rationale.
As educators, how can we develop these skills in the early years of schooling. ie. Level F, 1, 2, 3, 4 although we may not be formally teaching them until levels 5 and 6 onwards. Have you any resources, websites that you feel are valuable (try not to just post sites, but describe the activity, how it may be used etc).
2.Why is a critical inquiry curriculum needed for Humanities?
3.What makes a humanities lesson a humanities lesson (and not Maths) ?
4.How can ICT support student learning in history?
5.What does Geography add for teaching and learning about interconnectedness?
6.Why do you think Civics and Citizenship Education is important in the primary school context?
7.How might you encourage students to make connections using the internet while teaching humanities concepts and understandings?

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