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Assessment Details:
The Project is meant to help you apply what you learn in the course to a project that you will evaluate. You should identify a case project. You should choose any professional project (not personal, like planning a wedding) to study. This project may be at your current place of work, but it cannot be one where the company already has PM documents developed (this relies on your academic integrity).
NOTE: Spelling, grammar, and punctuation ALWAYS count!!
Here are the deliverables that you will need to produce:
1. Select a project at your target company
2. Provide background of the case project
3. Develop Quality Management Plan including at least 5 total metrics (qualitative and/or quantitative)
4. Develop Stakeholder Management Plan including conflict management plan.
In conjunction with the report detailed above, there is a second deliverable for the
Project plan exercise. The students are required to present and defend to their client (course lecturer, or a guest lecturer) their project plan.

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