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TRIMESTER 1 - 2020
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SUBJECT MFU101- Management Fundamentals
Sections Weighting Marks
1. Compulsory Questions (8 marks each) 5 compulsory questions 40% 40
2. Long ans. Questions (15 marks each) 4 out of 5 questions 60% 60%
TOTAL 100%
1. This is a Take-home exam. Text books, dictionaries and notes are allowed in the exam.
2. This is an individual exam. You must not speak to other students or look at others work.
3. Create a new word document and on top of the first page type your StudentID_First Name_Last Name_Lecturers_Name_T12020.
4. Do NOT rewrite the question in your exam answers. Just write the number of the question.
5. The typed answers must need to be submitted in Turnitin in Moodle within the 48 hours of the given timeframe.
Part one (40 Marks)
“You are required to attempt all the questions below. Each question is worth 8 marks.”
Question one
Why is staff wellbeing becoming an essential part of all organisations? Identify a company which consider staff wellbeing to be very important and identify some of the things they do to support staff.
Question two
Provide a definition of workplace culture and explain why it is important to have a positive culture to a business?
Question three
Identify and describe five techniques that could be used to increase team cohesiveness.
Question four
Provide a definition of business ethics and explain two (2) strategies that can be used to ensure ethical behaviour in a business.
Question five
Identify 3 different organisational structures and discuss what type of business each of these structures will be applied.
Part two (60 Marks)
“You are required to attempt any four (4) of the five (5) questions below. Each question is worth 15 marks.”
Question one
Define and discuss the term ‘sustainable development’. Why it is important for businesses. Provide an example of an organisation that uses ‘sustainable development’ in their management practices.
Question two
As a newly hired manager you realise the importance of innovation. Provide five (5) ideas on how you would improve innovation in your company.
Question three
Explain the 4 types of organisational cultures and then discuss which one of these is most often seen in large, bureaucratic organisations. Provide reasons why your selected culture is most often found in large, autocratic organisations.
Question four
Describe why creating change is important in business. What are the the eight steps for change as identified by John Kotter?
Question five
Provide a definition of emotional intelligence (EI), explain its five (5) components and explain why EI is important to leadership.

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