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Task Description
The second assessment task for this unit is a 10-minute presentation that presents the social epidemiological background of your condition and a critique of the data that was part of your literature review (assessment task 1). The presentation must explain how social factors influence your condition and identify and critique the social epidemiological data. You must also specifically identify the high risk groups and show the way in which social factors are believed to affect this risk. Vulnerable groups might include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, individuals with low income, older adults, or other specific groups that would be impacted by strategies to address the chosen topic in the community of interest. This is a GROUP assessment. Each group will prepare a single presentation. Each student will be required to prepare the material for one slide in the presentation which must be identified with the student’s name. The presentation must include the following slides: 1) Title – must include the condition and the full name and ID number of each student in the group; 2) Nature and proximal cause of the condition; 3) Social epidemiological factors that affect the development and progression of the condition; 4) Mechanisms by which social factors contribute to the condition; 5) Life course factors that affect the condition; and 6) Critique of existing social epidemiological data, including strengths and weaknesses of these data. The presentation must also include a slide containing the references cited on all slides. As noted, each slide will be prepared by a different member of the group. Each student will prepare the text for presentation for his or her slide which should be written out in the notes area for the slide along with the student’s name

This is the task . and my topic is AIR POLLUTION AND ITS EFFECT ON HUMAN HEALTH.

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