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NURI 120 Assessment 2
Guidelines for Assessment 2
1. This assessment is to be submitted electronically via Assessment 2 Submission link on NURI 120 Study Desk.
2. Use Times New Roman Font size 12, double line spacing.
3. Reference using APA Referencing Style for ALL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS you have
used. See:
4. Use the Assessment 2 Marking Criteria to guide you but do not submit the Marking Criteria with your assessment.
5. Submit all parts of the assessment as ONE document (3 Day Food & Beverage Diary; and written responses to each Section).
6. Word counts include in-text referencing.
7. Use sub-headings for each component of the assessment task.
8. The assessment will need to be uploaded via ‘Turn It In’ when submitting to the study desk to check for plagiarism. Please allow sufficient time to do this.
9. Writing in first person is permitted in Section A & C however it is not permitted in Section B.
Section A:
Utilising the Australian Dietary Guidelines Summary australia n dietary guidelines summary 131014 l.pdf
1. Collect a 3-Day Food & Beverage diary for yourself. This should include the amounts of all food and beverages as well as the times they were consumed. A template is included below for you to use. Submit this diary as part of your assessment. There is no word count for this diary.
2. Identify how many pieces of fruit and vegetables need to be consumed daily for your age and gender. Reference(s) required. (Section A2: Maximum Word Count 50 words)
3. Reflecting on your diet diary, identify if you have met the daily requirements regarding fruit and vegetable consumption as per the Australian Dietary Guidelines Summary and discuss strategies you may be able to use to meet the guidelines supported by references. Include at least 2 academic references in addition to the Australian Dietary Guidelines Summary to support your discussion. (Section A3. Word Count 270 words)
Section B:
Identify how adequate fruit and vegetable consumption may decrease the risk of two chronic diseases. Include at least 2 academic references in addition to the Australian Dietary ( Guidelines Summary to support your discussion. (Section B Word Count 270 words)
Section C:
Locate 2 academic articles defining social or cultural determinants of health relevant to you. Using these 2 articles, identify your own social or cultural determinants of health and discuss how these determinants impact on your ability to meet the Australian Dietary Summary Guidelines in relation to fruit and vegetable consumption. Include at least 2 academic references in addition to the Australian Dietary Guidelines Summary to support your discussion. (Section C Word Limit 530 words)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1817 words including References

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