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Curriculum Mode:
Assessment 1: Short Critical Discussion Paper
urn of assessment: This first assessment requires students to critically discuss the organizational structure
f the Qnfley District Hospital_(_CDH) in the following case study.
he module 1 readings are the framework for this assignment and are the support theoriesfor the next two modules
Case Study The Chifley District Hospital (CDH), 130 bed Community hospital situated in the outer suburbs of Sydney, has provided general acute medical, surgicaCobstetric and emergency services to the local community.
Dver the last 10 years, the population of the area has increased significantly t o i nclude a m uchlarger proportion If young families and a significant n umber of retirement villages.
'he hospital has reviewed the needs of this growing community and is changing its range of services in response to nat review.
To deal with these changes the CDH has a plan to redevelop the hospital facilities and restructure the organisa¬tion to provide a focus on the health needs of the growing population and to provide a number of specialty services including cancer, paediatric, cardiovascular, renal, trauma, aged care and community services.
|The bed number will increase to 300, with an increase in the capacity for community based clinics in the specialty services.
• The Vision statement of the hospital is to Provide health experiences that are able to respond to the changing needs of the community.
• The stated mission of the restructured hospital is to provide highest quality, specialist health care in partnership with patients, carers, the community at large and other health care providers.
| The overall strategic goals of the new organisation are to develop high performing, multidisciplinary teams within the specialist services in order to provide high quality, patient-centr^d~~Care that^is effective, efficient and able to respond tojhe^changing health needs ofthe population?^S - —
Currently, CDH has a traditional, functional (bureaucratic) organisational structure but the management team is reviewing alternative organisational structures which might better suit the changing internal and external environ¬ments of the organisation and have the potential to improve communication and collaboration across teams and accountability for resource utilisation, quality of care and patient outcomes.

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