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Marking Guide – Assessment Learning Task 1
Individual written essay (40%) - Due Sunday 26 April
Student is to submit a written essay, based on an exploration of the nature of creativity and innovation – how these are defined, what academics and others say about them, and how they relate to real life case study examples.
Student essays should be a document of 2000 - 2500 words written as an academic style. The topic will relate to the theory and practice of creativity and innovation in an organisational setting and will require participants to search the current body of knowledge in the area as well as relating their understanding of theories to one or two case study examples of highly creative and innovative individuals and/or organisations.
Student name: _________________________________
Marking Criteria
Clear evidence of independent research, thinking, and interpretation, with appropriately broad exploration of theories relevant to the topics of creativity and innovation. (10 marks available)
Presents a well-argued view that challenges the reader and stimulates thinking. Is there anything new presented or any insights that broaden the thinking on the subject? (10 marks available)
Demonstrated understanding of how creativity and innovation happens using relevant examples. How is it supported, promoted, and implemented by an individual and/or in an organization?
(10 marks available)
Appropriate academic essay structure with a high level of readability and clarity of thought and correct referencing.
(10 marks available)
Total available marks - 40 Total mark obtained /40

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