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This is math assignment includes sketching with ANSYS program, I uploaded some files, they are important, one for the template, one for how to install the program, and some for how to use the app... the only file that need to be handled is ( assignment paper), the rest are just a guide for the assignment, also while sketching you need to use specific dimensions which are numbers from my student ID where you can find them in the template.

MATH1122 Mathematics for Engineers
Assignment 1
Create Model Geometry: Beam with an L-shaped Cross-section
The finite element method (FEM) using ANSYS Workbench
Due: 9:00 am Monday, 4th May 2020
This is an individual assignment to be submitted online via Canvas by the time specified above. Late submission would not be accepted unless appropriate approval for an extension is granted before the assignment due date.
This assignment is to create a computer model geometry of a beam with an L-shaped crosssection using ANSYS Workbench SpaceClaim. The length of the beam, L, is indicated in Figure 1, and the cross-section of the beam in Figure 2 with model parameters w1 and w2.
Figure 2: The cross-section of the beam is determined by 7 geometry parameters. The dimensions of w1 and w2 are the variables; and the remaining 5 parameters have constant dimensions as shown in this figure.
Dr Yan Ding, February 2020 MATH1122 FEM Assignment 1 Page 1 of 2
In this assignment, you are required to complete the following tasks:
1. Sketch the beam geometry model using ANSYS Workbench SpaceClaim.
The model has 8 geometry parameters. Among them, 3 parameters: L, w1 and w2 are determined based on your student number.
Given: d1 = the last digit of your student number,
d2 = the 2nd last digit of your student number you can calculate your 3 unique geometry parameters using the following formulas:
L = (10 + d1 + d2) (m); w1 = (5 + d1) (m); w2 = (1.5 + d1/2) (m).
For example: given a student ID: s1234567, which gives: d1 = 7, d2 = 6. The 3 model geometry parameters are defined as:
L = (10 + 7 + 6) = 23 (m) ; w1 = (5 + 7) = 12 (m) w2 = (1.5 + 7/2) = 5 (m).
Note: The remaining 5 model geometry parameters provided in Figure 2 are constants and their values remain unchanged.
Hint: To save your time, you are advised to complete all the exercise steps in Lab 1 Guide first. You can then easily modify the 3 parameters to create your own beam model.
2. Produce the model 3D and 2D figures with values of your own model geometry parameters, similar to those in Figure 1 and Figure 2 above, where L, w1 and w2 must be replaced by the values of your own beam geometry parameters.
3. Using the Assignment 1 Report Template provided, produce a brief assignment report. In your report, present:
- the calculations of your own geometry parameter values; and
- the 3D and 2D model geometry figures that you have produced in Task 2.
Check if the values of your calculated geometry parameters: L, w1 and w2, are the same values as those values shown in your two figures, respectively.
4. Save your assignment report as a .pdf file. Then submit your report (in the .pdf format) to the course Canvas site by the due date: 9:00 AM, 4th May, as specified in the assignment title.
Dr Yan Ding, February 2020 MATH1122 FEM Assignment 1 Page 2 of 2

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