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You will research the impacts of COVID-19 on the world taking into consideration its power as global business pressure, which imposes significant repercussions never imagined.
You should start to read/collect material about the economic and social stress caused by the social distancing and closing measures adopted by world economies to restrain the pandemic. In your research, you will explain the role/implications of technology in the world context of COVID-19 economic repercussions (listed below) of this pandemic crisis affecting a variety of society sectors and business domains:
A. describing the negative impacts/repercussions (choose to focus your analysis in one single aspect which can be: competitive advantage, organizational response, strategic planning, future
investments, and ethical/legal issues),
B. highlighting societal/economical pros/cons of the damage control measures adopted
C. indicating at least one potential innovation that global scale restrictions brought for the business domains researched (related with the topics I and II you will choose).
Each of the above analyses contexts shows a point of view where COVID-19 has been impacted society/business that you must consider and comment on your essay (600 words minimal -1000 words maximum) to present your assessment of each context above (A, B and C) taking into consideration the connections/implications for the topics from these two categories (pick one topic from each category):
I. Information Technology related impacts (choose only one): information security,
data/knowledge management, technology infrastructure, telecommunications mobile/social computing, and artificial intelligence;
II. Affected Society/Business Sectors (choose only one): environment/ecology, agriculture, education, science, health care, marketing, stock market/banks, digital/social economy, industry/retail, tourism/hospitality, culture/entertainment, supply chain/customer relationship, legal/international affairs, job market, humanitarian/social welfare, government/public servers;
The question your research/essay should answer is: What are the economical repercussions of COVID­19 to the essences of Topic II developments/recovery, that can be directly/indirectly affected (for good or bad) by the Topic I?

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