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COIT12206 TCP/IP Principles & Protocols Assessment 1 Term 1, 2020
COIT12206 TCP/IP Principles and Protocols (Term 1, 2020)
Assessment item 1— Written Assessment
Due date: 24/04/2020 11:55 pm (Friday, Week 6)
Weighting: 20%
Instruction s
The file ANSWERS_ …_ONE.docx, which is available on Moodle, must be used as the template for your answers. Write all of your answers in this file and upload the file to Moodle to submit. It is better that you show all your working and steps in your calculations for all questions. Although, you may provide only the final answer in computational questions unless otherwise stated in your question’s instruction. However, if the answer incorrect (even a typo error), you will receive zero marks. Hence, it is better that you show all your working and steps in your calculations. Please ensure that you write your answers in your own words to avoid possible plagiarism and copyright violation. You can understand the Plagiarism Procedures by following the corresponding link in the CQUniversity Policies section of the Unit Profile.
Question 1: (6 marks)
You are given a classful IPv4 address as Your organization needs to have four subnetworks. Calculate the subnetworks and answer the following questions for all four of the subnetworks.
a) What is the subnet mask of the subnetworks? Provide detailed calculation to validate
your answer. (1 +1= 2 marks)
b) What is the first and the last address of each subnetwork? (4 marks)
Question 2: (3 marks)
The following is a dump of a UDP header in hexadecimal format. 0045DF000058FE20
a) What is the source port number?
(0.5 mark)
b) What is the destination port number?
(0.5 mark)
c) What is the total length of the user datagram?
(0.5 mark) d) What is the length of the data?
(0.5 mark)
e) Is the packet directed from a client to a server or vice versa?
(0.5 mark) f) What is the client process?
(0.5 mark)
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COIT12206 TCP/IP Principles & Protocols Assessment 1 Term 1, 2020
Question 3: (11 marks) 3 A. Packet Tracer
Download and open ‘Assignment1.pkt’ using Packet Tracer and answer the following questions using the given network.
a. List all the network devices (except PCs) present in this network and their associated
OSI layers
(1 mark)
b. For each of the router in the network, identify the number of unused networking ports and the default bandwidth of the ports.
(5 marks)
c. In the given network, there are two types of networking cables used to connect networking peripherals. Identify those two types of networking cables and explain their differences in terms of uses in the given network.
(1 mark)
3 B. Wireshark
A wireshark scan has produced a packet capture, saved to a file named ‘Assignment1.pcapng’ and available on the assignment folder. Download the file and open it in Wireshark, then answer these questions about the scan:
a. View Frame 4: On which interface was this packet captured? what transport layer protocol was used (explain how you know)? (1+1 = 2 marks)
b. View Frame 11: Was this packet from client to server, or server to client? Explain how
you know. (2 marks)
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