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Assessment Resource I SITHKOP002
This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements
For this assessment, you are to prepare the following written documents for a range of menu types as detailed below. For each part, you are to submit the following documents using the templates provided relating to the given menu type(s):
• Menu with descriptions of each dish
• Production Schedule
• Dish costings
• Portion control and yield testing procedures for each menu #
You are to undertake these written documents for the following menu types:
• Part 1: A rotating cyclical self-serve buffet menu for a Lunch service at an Aged Care facility which runs over 7 days which repeats weekly. You must include at least 2 Entrees, 2 Main Courses and 2 Desserts,
A t
* * A
• Part 2: A a la carte dinner menu with the classical sequencing of items (e.g. Entree, Mains,
Desserts). Your menu must include a minimum of 4 Entrees, 4 Main Courses, 4 Desserts and 4 Side Dishes. “
The following information to be provided by the instructor for each student:
o Cultural Menu specialty: e.g. Italian, Indian, Malaysian.
c Cover special Dietary requirements at least (2 dishes) e.g. Vegetarian, Gluten free, Medical reason
o Price lists for commodities
o Approximate prices of menu items
o Food production budgets *
o Profit margin objectives
o Business running costs, excluding labour
o Available equipment
provided by the instructor for each student:
o Menu speciality (cuisine, cultural menus, any dietary considerations) o Approximate price for 2 or 3 course meals priced per head.
o Food production budgets.
o Profit margin objectives. M
o Business running costs, excluding labour.
o Available equipment.
o Provide two different seasonal variation options for the 2 desserts e.g.
Assessment Resource | SITHKOP002
Part 4: You are to develop a degustation menu (if desired you can utilise the a la carte* you are to price a degustation menu with a minimum of eight courses and a fixed prica head. A
° A degustation is used to showcase your best dishes from your menu, are usually bite-sized portions of food.
o Ensure that the dishes that you select that gives your customers a complete fine dining expereience
For each menu, you are to provide the following information:
? Consider your local market. Who are your customers? What are their preferences? It is important that you consider your clients as you will need to explain why you chose your dishes, including outline the demographics of your clients
• Follow instructions from instructor to determine specific requirements of menu. Liaise with your assessor instructor to clarify any additional questions / queries.
• Discuss your menu choices with others (experienced personnel) and obtain their feedback
• Take into account menu balance, variety and feedback given on dishes
• Complete production schedule for menus, and calculate production costs for dishes (including cost . of, materials and overheads)
• ¦ Include item descriptions and ensure proper use of terminology for style of menu
• . Select and incorporate any relevant additional catering control systems such as wastage sheets or
kitchen reports
• Inch'de portion sizes - taking into account costs and potential wastage

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