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Assignment 2: Essay or Digital Narrative
This assignment requires you to develop and extend your skills in sourcing scholarly information to answer a question on a specific topic. You may submit your assignment as either a traditional essay or a recorded powerpoint presentation. Whichever you choose, we encourage you to upload your assignment into your ePortfolio once complete.
Assignment length: 1200 words (essay)
Assignment topics
Please choose one topic from the choices below.
1. There are eight National Safety & Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2018. Choose three (3) of these Standards and discuss how they relate to nursing. Your discussion should explain why it is essential that nurses are aware of the quality and safety frameworks that govern nursing
2. Nursing research generates disciplinary knowledge, which underpins and informs nursing practice. Drawing on the Standards and Codes of nursing and the scholarly literature, discuss the ways in which nurses can use research to inform their practice and improve patient care. You may use the work of one or more influential nursing theorists to illustrate your argument.
3. Social media has brought enormous changes to the way in which we communicate with each other, both professionally and personally. Drawing on unit content and the scholarly literature, discuss the benefits and dangers of social media in the clinical setting, and the appropriate behaviour that nurses must observe when using these.
4. You may choose another topic based on extended unit content that you would like to explore more deeply. If you choose to do this, you MUST have your topic approved by the unit coordinator prior to commencing work, to ensure that it will address the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) for this unit appropriately.
Marking criteria
1. The essay or presentation clearly addresses the main points of the chosen question, develops a logical argument, and displays understanding of the topic.
2. Structure, formatting and written expression are clear and correct. If illustrations are used in the presentation, they are appropriate and credited to the source.
3. There is evidence of in-depth engagement with appropriate academic literature and other resources, using a minimum of six scholarly sources.
4. The essay or presentation is referenced correctly using Harvard style both in-text and in the reference list.
A rubric for this assignment can be downloaded here

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