Recent Question/Assignment

Individual essay of up to 1,300 words.
This essay needs to address each of the following questions:
1. How successful is your team in deriving their recommendations? Is your team able to agree on and manage their schedule?
2. Assume that you are the chairman of the company that you are analysing and your team mates are board members. How would you handle different opinions and would you do things differently compared to what your team did?
3. Now assume that you are a board member and have a different recommendation to other board members. Having gone through this process, how might you contribute to the discussion differently in the future?
The above is the question.
Now, the company we are making is a media service provider (like Netflix, stan, prime videos)
So this questions is to be answered in a general form keeping the media service provider as the market and your company.
We have to mention the different marketing strategies that the team is discussing and out of those marketing strategies which is my opinion and which is the team mates opinion and why my opinion is better and their opinion in not better.
You must utilise academic articles on team work to inform and support your reflections.
The discussion should include:
Market Analysis – Nature of Demand; Extent of Demand; Stage of PLC; Cost Structure of Industry; Regulatory Environment
Research Methodology; Competitor Analysis; Organisation Assets and Skills; SWOT Analysis; Objectives
Target Market and Segmentation
Market Selection and Entry Strategies
Marketing Mix – Product
Marketing Mix – Pricing
Marketing Mix - Logistics and Distribution

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