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Report on Section - Remuneration Governance
Required to analyse the 2019 Annual Report of Qantas (pages 28 to 40 from the Qantas Annual Report).
The ability of students to understand the assigned Annual Report Section by conducting extensive research and presenting their understanding through a report and presentation.
Students must provide the sources of their information to justify their responses and interpretations.
Guiding Questions:
1. Discussion of Implications of presenting the section in that way
a. What are the possible outcomes of presenting the information in that way? Justify
b. Relevant issues with regards to the concept over the last 5 years
2. Critique of Qantas’ approach/choice
a. How has the use of or disclosure of this concept changed? If it has, what sparked this change? If it has not changed what may have caused this?
b. Provide justifications for your critique
• The word limit for the report excludes graphs and tables. There is no word limit for
individual sections of the report, with the exception of the five brief summaries of news
releases as specified.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 642 words including References

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