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Term 1 2020 ICT103 Systems Analysis and Design Case Study-updated
Note: This case study will be used for Assessment 1; Case Study Assignment (Due Week 6) and Assessment 2: Modelling Assignment and report (Due Week 11). The case study provided in the subject outline (page 8) should NOT be used for completing both assessment tasks. Report content specifications and marking rubric will remain same as provided in the subject outline. Please contact your tutor if there is any question regarding this.
Assessment Task Case Study:
KOI is looking to add IT equipment and facility reservation system to the Library Management System. The system will allow students and staff to be able to reserve different IT equipment and facilities. Some of the facilities and equipment can only be reserved by staff. All the reservations will require approval by the library admin. All equipment and facilities have a certain cost associated.
As a system analyst, you are required to analyse and design a reservation system to add to the library system that should be able to perform tasks such as checking for availability of equipment and resources, calculating the due dates and other booking related transactions. Library admin should be able to add and remove new equipment and facilities to the system and also be able to change the rates. They should also be able to modify any special conditions associated with each of them.
You can research on internet to get more information about any similar existing system and consider any relevant features that might be useful for the proposed system. Make sure you provide appropriate references for the information you provide from the external resources.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1168 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Library Management System

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