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Purpose: This assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content and develop students' skills and application of knowledge of the subject content to business situations. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b and c.
Due Date: Students are to upload their submission to the Turnitin link on the KOI Moodle subject home page by 5:00pm Friday of Week 6.
Task Details: Students are required to select an ASX corporation, reference the annual report for the last 2 years and identify two (2) voluntary disclosures made by the corporation. Students are required to compare these disclosures with material gained from external sources. Students must then map this data to the qualitative characteristic requirements listed in the conceptual framework. Students are to consider the relevance, materiality and faithful representation fundamental qualitative characteristics. Students will review general purpose financial report material, company releases, media, and other sources. Students must prepare a comprehensive report directed to this research. It is expected that academic and non¬academic content will form an integral part of this report.
o A title / cover page, which indicates basic information such as Subject title, Subject code, Trimester number, Assignment title, group members’ full names and KOI student numbers, word count and name of the tutor;
o Executive Summary;
o Table of Contents;
o Main contents — Introduction, analysis using suitable headings and subheadings, Conclusions and Recommendations, Appendices (if any); References (using Harvard — Anglia style), and/or o Attachments.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1694 words including References

Selected company: Student select NAB BANK

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