Recent Question/Assignment

5 Questions each with 100 words. Referencing must be under 10 years old with apa 7h
Q1. What factors contribute to the disparity in health outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians? How do these factors interrelate? 100 words
Q2. How does racism impact health? Discuss the pathways linking racism to health outcomes. Why are the effects of racism amplified in the health setting compared with other settings? 100 words
Q3. Consider post-colonial Aboriginal history and the sequence of policies and governmental/institutional responses that impacted the lives and well-being of Aboriginal Australians. Pick one policy (or amendment to a policy) and briefly describe the potential immediate and long term impacts on Aboriginal health and wellbeing. Note: Please take into consideration the definition of Aboriginal health i.e. a holistic approach. 100 words
Q4. There is significant evidence demonstrating that the forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families (referred to as the Stolen Generations) has had an intergenerational effect. What does this mean and how does intergenerational trauma affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today? 100 words
Q5. Watch the short documentary Utopia SBS (2017) on Youtube. Link to video here: Identify a key social determinant and discuss how it influences the health and wellbeing of individuals AND members of the Utopia community. 100 Words