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First Peoples Health
Task 2: Poster (800 words)
Task aims
The purpose of these tasks in relation to this course is to provide opportunities to: examine various influences on the health of Aboriginal peoples; apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in the course to case studies; create resources which could be used in community centres, conferences, and other professional presentations; and reflect on ways you and others can change their involvement regarding First Peoples’ Health.
Task description
Explores a range of health issues relevant to Aboriginal peoples.
You should read and understood the instructions and check the marking criteria provided in the task checklists.
You will make a poster that gives an epidemiological overview of ONE of these chronic health conditions, prevalent among Aboriginal peoples:
• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes
• Kidney disease.

To assist you in responding to the task, you have been provided with a list of resources and a poster template. Make sure you use the resources provided but also you should look for sources beyond this. The marking guide for this assessment states -Conducts extensive research beyond course readings, using credible academic sources.- This is the criteria you need to meet.
Once you have chosen your topic and read through all your resources, complete the poster as follows:
• Complete the labelled boxes with responses which are concise, directly related to the topic, and cover the key points required.
• A poster should be relatively quick to read. This means that you need to use sub-headings, dot points, bullet points, and colour to create visual impact.
• Ensure that you add two relevant items which give visual impact (e.g. images, diagrams, graphs or tables).
• Support your responses with evidence from the resources, which are appropriately paraphrased, acknowledged, and referenced using the Harvard Referencing Style with in-text citations and a reference list (10 or more).
Weighing : 100%
Harvard Referencing Style: with in-text citations and a reference list (10 or more).
Poster Resources:
These are key websites that have information on all three chronic health conditions.
Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
Department of Health’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health site
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)
The Lowitja Institute
Close the Gap campaign for Indigenous Health Equality
Closing the gap

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 793 words

And an A4 Size Poster

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