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Lab Tasks Reports
Throughout semester online students are required to complete all tasks detailed in weekly lab sheets.
The tasks specified in lab sheets are considered extremely important in the context of courses like ITECH1102 Networking and Security because they reinforce the theoretical content.
Lab sheets identify particular exercises that should be demonstrated to a lab tutor. Because online students do not have a lab tutor on hand to demonstrate such tasks, online students are required to write and submit two lab task reports to Moodle in week 5 and 12 of semester.
Timelines and Expectations
Lab tasks of Topics 2 – 4 (weeks 2 – 4) are worth 6 marks towards ITECH1102 assessment.
These marks will be collated and processed during week 5.
Assessment of these three labs constitute the early intervention assessment.
Student who do not pass this assessment will be required to discuss their lack of progress in the course with their Program Coordinator or their Course Coordinator.
Lab tasks of Weeks 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 are worth 9 marks.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
• K1. Describe and explain the role and function of network connectivity in current computing.
• K4. Describe and explain the protocols and interactions that implement network communications.
• K5. Describe and explain the role of information security in securing communication systems.
• K6. Describe fundamental aspects of cloud computing.
• S1. Proficiently use a variety of network services and tools.
• S2. Interpret security needs of information systems.
• S3. Examine and configure network settings on various network devices and operating systems.
• A1. Apply networking architecture knowledge to analyze the networking needs for business.
• A2. Apply knowledge of security policies to reduce security threats.
• A3. Plan and implement operational assurance programs from a security perspective.
• A4. Analyse cryptographic techniques for data security.
Assessment Details
Students are required to complete set computing, networking and security tasks as detailed in weekly lab sheets. The tasks are designed to help students understand the material covered in the theoretical lecture slides by interacting with various networking and computing software tools.
Students studying online are required to create three reports that demonstrate to their assessor that they have completed the lab tasks identified for demonstration.
Lab sheets normally only identify 2 tasks for demonstration. These are the only tasks that online students need to include in their reports, even though the lab sheets describe far more tasks than those two.
Your lab report should include screen shots and a short description of the tasks identified for demonstration. Try to keep the write up for each week’s lab tasks within 2 A4 pages.
Online students should however ensure they complete all exercises identified in all lab sheets for their value in the learning process. Most of the learning in Networking and other areas of computing is through interaction with software tools like those you are required to use in ITECH1102 labs.
Students gain marks for their two (2) lab reports by submitting their reports to Moodle. Each report should be a single word or pdf file.
Three assignment upload links will be available in the Assessments section of the ITECH1102 Moodle site.
Submissions are required as follows:
• A single pdf or word report for labs 2 - 4 in Week 5 (refer course description for exact deadline)
• A single pdf or word report for labs 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 in Week 12 (refer course description for exact deadline).
Marks will be posted on FDLMarks in week 5 (for labs 2 – 4) and week 12 for the remaining lab tasks.
Feedback will be supplied through Moodle or by email from your assessor. Authoritative marks will be published through fdlMarks.
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