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Assessment 2: Report
This assessment is for these students only: Brisbane - Hotel School; Melbourne - Hotel School; Sydney - Hotel School.

This written assessment will be submitted in a Business Report format, i.e. Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Sections, Conclusion, Recommendations, References, and (if relevant, Appendices). Sections are numbered.
This assessment has two options. Students, after consultation with their tutor, will choose one of the following:
Option A:
Drawing on the evidence presented in a minimum of six and a maximum of ten peer review articles, use authentic leadership theory, including ethical, relational transparent and balanced processing to critically assess the quality of leadership behaviour at a contemporary hospitality establishment. To what extent do the current leadership practices and style at the organisation compare/contrast with the theory in the scholarly literature, and why is this the case. What lessons for your future practice as a hospitality leader can you draw from this analysis?
Tips: It is essential to be currently employed in an Australian hospitality organisation to have the necessary insights to critically reflect on the organisation’s leadership. Student may change the name of the organisation (and individuals) but will need to confirm to their tutor, in confidence, the organisational name and their employment.
Use SCU Harvard Referencing and ensure Intext citations contain author, year and page number.
Option B:
Select a hotel/hospitality organisation that has experienced a major organisational, leadership or reputational crisis in recent years. Drawing on publicly available sources e.g. media reports and a minimum of six and a maximum of ten peer review articles about crisis management and authentic leadership theory, critically assess the crisis, the lead-up phase, crisis stage, and post stage. Consider the role and response by the organisation’s leadership. Could the crisis have been averted? What was the organisation’s leadership response and how did it conform or not with leadership theory? What leadership lessons have you learned from this crisis?
Tips: The crisis may have been at a hotel in your home country or in Australia. Ensure contextualisation of the crisis within scholarly and peer review literature. Description of the crisis alone will not satisfy this assessment task. You may not choose a crisis that has already been subject to extensive academic analysis, i.e. the aim is not to summarise the findings of other writers but for you to critically examine the crisis.
Use SCU Harvard Referencing and ensure Intext citations contain author, year and page number.
Marking Criteria
Selection of an appropriate organisation and/or crisis
Clear overview of the situation
Synthesises peer-review journal articles relating to authentic leadership within the analysis
Draws findings that are relevant to hospitality sector leadership
Accurate and consistent Intext citations and a Reference List (using SCU Harvard)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1969 words including References

Available on Option B only

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