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Literature Review (Research-based Assignment)
Length: 2,000 – 2,200 words
Previous research on MNCs had identified dual pressures for the need to conform to home country and host country institutional environments when adopting HRM strategies, policies, and practices.
With reference to relevant IHRM theoretical and research material, critically analyse and address the following questions:
• What challenges would MNCs from emerging markets (so-called emerging market multinational corporations: EMNCs) face when they transfer HRM practices across borders? How do EMNCs address these challenges?
Report Criteria Your assignment should:
1. Follow a report format (report title and abstract is required for this assignment)
2. Include at least 7 peer reviewed journal articles
3. Include relevant books, websites in addition to the journal articles.
4. Summarise, synthesise, or critique your sources by discussing a common theme or issue.
Be aware your assignment is an academic work, which basically means you must adhere to logic structure and elegant editing style. Also be aware of the plagiarism policy.
Criteria for Grading Written Work:
1. Research (30%)
2. Argument/Analysis (30%)
3. Structure (20%)
4. General presentation (20%)
All assignments submitted for assessment must adhere to the following standards:
1. Cover Page For each of the assignment, you must use a cover (or title) page that provides the following information:
• Your full name and student ID number;
• Contact details: email address;
• Unit code and name;
• Assignment number and report title;
• An exact word count of the number of words in the body of your assignment. (Use Word’s Tools menu and click on Word Count.)
2. Presentation of Assignments Assignments should meet normal academic and professional standards of presentation, including:
• All pages, excluding the cover page, should be numbered;
• Page margins should be 2.54 cm (default margin settings) on all four edges and double spaced;
• Times New Roman font type and font size of 12 points should be used;
• Assignments should be free of typographical and grammatical errors;
• Harvard referencing system should be used.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2637 words including References

Title: SHRM Issues

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