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Assessment Task 1
1,500-word paper on analysing a Current entrepreneur (from list Of
allowed countries) and his/her business venture
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Grading Criteria and Feedback
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Description of Task
Due Date
Sunday 12 Apr, by 11.55 pm
(NEW deadline)
SILOS Assessed
Analyse a CURRENT entrepreneur who is a citizen from one of the following countries: Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, and
The chosen entrepreneur must be the person who founded the business(es) (himself/herself or with the team), and currently still
running/controlling the business(es) which was/were set up and is/are headquartered in the above countries.
Individual assignment, with headings and sub-headings, 1.5 spacing to be used. Critical analyses and reflection on relevant
entrepreneurship theories required, not just a simple presentation Of the entrepreneur's biography. Suggested structure:
Cover page
Please indicate your full name, student IL), class day & time, and tutor's name
Background Of the entrepreneur
Discuss the background Of the entrepreneur (i.e. history, development, family and sc:Ri0-cultural background) to see what
developed his/her entrepreneurial and contributed to this person's entrepreneurial pathway/success
(with reflection on/application Of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
Entrepreneurial traits/characteristics
Discuss the characteristics/traits of the entrepreneur (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship
Opportunity recognition and idea development process
Discuss the processes of opportunity recognition and idea development (with reflection on/application Of the relevant
entrepreneurship theories).
Competitive advantages
Discuss the type of business developed and the competitive advantage(s) Of the business compared to competitors in the
market (to be supported with relevant facts/figures/research where possible, with reflection On/application Of relevant
Discuss future suggestions for the entrepreneur including different Of businesses or avenues (e.g. franchising, mergers,
expanding/selling their business etc) he/she may take.
References (10-12 references required, among which at least 05 academic references needed; Harvard referencing style. All
references used in the report MUST be in English)
Generally, I often suggest our students to consider
few -criteria- when selecting an entrepreneur for
assignment 1 :
• Should be current (not retired, still
running/controlling the business)
• Should be an entrepreneur (he/she founded
the business(es) himself/herself or with the
team, not just a manager who is hired to run
the business)
• From the specified list of 4 countries
• Have some good/insightful/inspiring stories to
• Information availability (as this assignment
relies on secondary data)
• Possibility to apply relevant (entrepreneurship)
If your chosen entrepreneur can somehow
balancedly addressed those criteria, then I think it
might be a good choice.