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Foundations of Nutrition and Health
Task 2:
Part A: Meal Plan
You are required to develop a meal plan for a 50-year old male which meets their dietary requirements according to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE). A meal plan is an outline of what a person would eat throughout a day. For Part A of this task you need to complete the two tables in the Task 2 template. Your meal plan should include the following
1. a list of food items to be consumed at each
2. the quantity of each food (i.e. 100g of chicken breast (no skin), 250mL non-fat milk, 1 slice wholegrain bread).
3. the food group the food is from (i.e. fruit, vegetables, cereals & grains)
4. the number of serves each food contributes to the food group
An example meal plan for a 26 year old woman (downloads as a word document) has been included here to assist you with the completion of this task.
Part B: Preparation with Photo
The second part of this task is to designing a lunch or dinner meal for yourself, prepare the meal and take a photograph. Complete third table in the Task 2 template. The meal must include the following serves of AGHE food groups at minimum.
• one (1) serve of bread/cereals
• two (2) serves of vegetables
• one (1) serve of fruit
• (one) 1 serve from milk/cheese/yoghurt/dairy alternative
You may include foods from your country or ethnic group, provided they correspond with the requirements. Please refer to the marking checklist (downloads as a word document) which explains how this assessment will be marked.
Task 3: Short Report
You are required to write a short report (400 words) on whether all Australians (both adults and children) consume diets that meet the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE) recommendations for fruit group. To do this, you will need to refer to the AGHE as well as the findings from the Australian Health Survey which provides the most recent data on Australians’ consumption of fruit. You should structure you report with the following sub-headings
1. Summary of the investigation (approx. 100 words): write a short summary of what you investigated and what the key findings were
2. AGHE recommendations (approx. 200 words): discuss the recommendations of the AGHE for the consumption of fruit. This should include the amount of fruit recommended each day by the AGHE (Educator's Guide) and the reasons why consumption of fruit is important
3. Current Australian Data (approx. 100 words): summarise the most recent data in the Australian Health Survey regarding the consumption of fruit by Australians. Compare any differences in actual consumption to the AGHE recommendations (Educator's Guide)
You must write a text with full sentences and in formal academic language, not dot points. You may decide to use tables and/or diagrams to help you organise the information. These are not counted as part of the word count. You must include in-text references as well as a reference list to provide evidence for your report. You must use the Harvard Referencing system for in-text references and your reference list for ALL material which is not your own. This includes academic references, quality primary sources e.g. Government websites or reports, images apart from your own, and online articles. There are examples of how to do this in the Harvard Referencing system guide.
Please refer to the marking checklist which explains how this assessment will be marked.
Task 4: Planning and Presenting Health Information to a Public Audience
For this task you are required to develop a presentation plan (250 words) and record a two (2) minute video presentation on 'Healthy Eating'. Your presentation should be suitable for women aged 50-70 years who are attending a healthy lifestyle day in a rural area.
The first part of this task is to write a plan (no more than 250 words) for your 'Healthy Eating' presentation. In your presentation plan you should address/include the following
1. complete the table below with three (3) common health issues for women in the 50 - 70 years old demographic and a brief description about each issue
2. for ONE of the three (3) health issues identify the key principles of a healthy diet and actions this demographic can take to affect positive change
3. describe how you will communicate these messages effectively for this group? consider aspects such as verbal and non-verbal presence
4. describe what sort of language (verbal and non-verbal) you will use to ensure your message is clearly understood? scientific, lay terms etc
5. what resources/citations will you use to support your key messages and how will these complement the key messages presented?
Health Issue Brief Description

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1066 words including References

Available Task 2 Part A, Task 3 and 4

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