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PART A: ICT Strategic Plan 2020-2025
Future Education Institute is a reasonably large institute with more than 15,000 current students based in Sydney. Each year, there are around 5000 registered students and 4000 students graduate. The head of the institute wants to upgrade student service to increase student satisfaction and replace some human resources by technology.
Firstly, an Al powered chat bot on its website with the capability to answer the common student queries in a fast and efficient manner. The institute is looking at cloud-based services to run the new system. When students still need to speak with staff in person, they want to create a virtual queue where students do not have to line up but are instead sent a message to their phone when they reach the front of the queue and there is a staff member available. Students can also register from an app installed in their phone. After each query, there will be a quick survey sending out for student to get their feedback for improvement. This feedback will also be stored in the cloud instead of the Institutes own data center. The use of the cloud is a trial and if successful more services and functions will be moved to the cloud in the future.
Also, the Dean would like to improve the student’s outcomes by increasing support for blended learning, which combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional in classroom methods. The Dean impresses that blended learning is the main focus area of the institute for the next 5 years.
The Dean is interested in applying some modern data mining and data warehouse technologies for future improvements after each semester. He is also concerned about the security of the data stored in the cloud.
Your task is that as a CIO (Chief information officer) you design an ICT Strategy to position the institute to meet the goals and business strategy provided by the Dean while maintaining security over next 5 years that focus on the following critical IT matter:
1. Infrastructure (especially IAAS)
2. DM (Data Management)
3. MDM (Mobile Device Management)
4. Governance/CoBit
5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
6. Risk/Security/Privacy
Your ICT strategic Plan must include but not limited to:
a. Organization Vision, Mission and Objective
b. Background
c. Drivers for Change
d. At Least three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities
e. Roadmap and ICT initiatives
f. IT Governance
It is encouraged to make graphical representation of above plan Highlight focuses areas and findings using bold writing and bullets.
You may make assumptions about the AS-IS situation without attempting to do any direct research (e.g. it is almost a certainty that the institute has multiple stand-alone databases at multiple locations). So long as you describe them.
You may make assumptions about the form of the TO-BE goal (be as inventive as you like). So long as the innovations achieve this are described
IT Strategy Template
You will be provided with an IT Strategy Template. You are not expected to use the template in full. The template is offered as a suggested format for the sections and aspects in the assignment.
Report Style Written Report Format:
A written, business style report with:
• A cover page
. Title
• Unit name and number
• Student names and numbers
• A Table of Contents
• A less than one-page introduction
• A section for each of the A-F topics listed above
• A less than one-page summary
Formatted as:
o A4 size, .pdf format
o Body text in 12pt Calibri font (heading may be larger font)
o 2.54cm Margins all round
o Line spacing 1.5
o A blank line between paragraphs (paragraphs do not need to be indented)
o Spell checked
o If possible, proofread by a native English-speaking person
Note: Academic support and development department at Victoria University is where you can ask for help in university assessment task, writing skill, English, etc.
Diagrams, pictures and figures are encouraged.
¦ This is a business style report, not a research document
¦ Academic referencing will not be required
¦ Nor will a reference or reading list
Marking criteria are given below:
Marking Criterion Marks Allocated
Organization Vision, Mission and Objective 15
Drivers for Change 25
Three ICT strategic themes and relevant ICT capabilities 25
Roadmap (including Background) and ICT initiatives and IT Governance 25
(Graphical Representation* Notes* Numbering/Bullets*
Spelling/Grammar) 10
Total Marks 100

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1995 words including References

Title: ICT Strategic Plan for Future Education Institute

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