Recent Question/Assignment

See attached file for explanation of each criterion in DIEP
Mainly you need to select one of the main topics discussed in week 6 and week 7 and write your reflection on the selected topic.
You required to write 400-500 words to describe your learning experience.
You can use the following questions to guide your writing entry:
• What did I read for this topic, apart from the notes? (Include information and references from a range of sources)
• What was the most interesting thing I read for this topic - why was that?
• What material didn't I find interesting - why was that?
• What did I previously think was true, but now know to be wrong?
• What did we not cover that I expected we should?
• What have I changed my mind about as a result of this topic?
• What is one thing I learned in this topic that I may be able to use in future?
• What am I still unsure about? What would I like to learn more about?
• What issues(s) interested me and would I like to study in more detail?
• What are my ideas for action, based on this topic?