Recent Question/Assignment

Each student should develop a case study/term paper about a firm’s managerial decision for a business. The case study helps to understand how an industry can be successful in making their business efficient.
You are expected to discuss important issues of Functional Management -
You may use the topic to discuss according to their chosen business, organization or industry
Topic : Importance of Marketing for the Twenty-First Century for Toyota Malaysia
The objectives
The objectives of the individual case study or term paper are to incorporate the learning in class and outside of the class in which you shall understand and analyse the theories of functional management and its application to the real-world case scenario.
The output of this individual case study/term paper should be in terms of a report.
Introduction – introduce the background of the chosen topic, how data and information is gathered, what the whole report will explain (not more than 100-200 words).
Content – Main content (segregate into proper sub-contents and paragraphs, elaboration and analysis between 1800 words excluding tables and diagrams, if any).
Conclusion – summarize and reinstate important findings from the content (not more than 200 words).
Frontpage – must indicate each of the Students’ Name and ID No.
The font is Arial, size 12, 1.5 spacing.
Referencing is a MUST. Students are advised to incorporate proper academic modes of referencing. Please refer to the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing format for all the academic works submitted for assessment. Marks shall be in overall allocated based on students’ efforts, content, ideas, analysis, originality, professionalism.