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Assignment Title
Assessment Item 02: Essay
3000-3500 words
Learning outcomes
1. Knowledge - Describe and critically discuss key principles and theories of Human Resource Management.
2. Problem Solving Skills - Critically evaluate and synthesize relevant information to solve real world issues associated with Human Resource Management.
3. Change Management - Analyse the role of Human Resource Management in implementing change within a global context.
4. Global Environment - Identify and critically discuss local, global and international workforce trends and assess the implications for human resource management
Lecturer Discretion
Lecturers may, at their discretion, ask students to verbally present their assignment submission or rewrite some selected part/s of their answer in a controlled setting.
Task Details
Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) plays a significant role in organisational effectiveness (Gallup Consulting, 2010; Pfeffer &Veiga, 1999). It is therefore important to adopt SHRM, as opposed to traditional Human Resource Management (HRM), for effective HR decision-making within an organisation. Amongst the abundance of available SHRM models, Jackson and Schuler’s (1995) model includes a variety of macro-level environmental characteristics that influence the implementation of HRM practices, policies and philosophies, and subsequently, influences organisational performance.
The focus of this assignment is to analyse the external operating environment of a Higher Education (HE) Sector and discuss potential impacts on the HRM functions of a HE provider such as a University. Use Jackson and Schuler (1995) HRM model to analyse the external environment of the HE Sector that you are familiar with. Identify and discuss the factors of the environment and their potential impact on the HRM functions of an HE provider of your choice.
To complete this assignment successfully students at a minimum:
• Identify a HE provider (e.g. a university) in Australia or in your home country/state/territory. Briefly describe the profile of the HE provider and discuss its mission and vision.
• Discuss the external environmental factors presented in Jackson and Schuler’s (1995) HRM model.
• Use Jackson and Schuler model to analyse the factors of the external operating environment of your chosen HE provider.
• Discuss the different functions of HR. The typical HR functions are:
o planning, resourcing and retention,
o recruitment and selection,
o training and development,
o remuneration and rewards and
o employee relations.
• Discuss the impact of each external environmental factor on the HR functions of the chosen HE provider.
Assignment Extensions
This is a formal assessment task therefore any extension requests must follow the CDU Business School’s formal extension process. For more information follow the link “Business School Assignment Extensions Information” in the CDU Business School – Resource area in the Learnline Home Page of this unit.
Late Submission
Late assessment submissions incur a penalty of 5% per day past the due date.

Yourassignment must be formatted with heading.
CDU Harvard referencing style mustbeused.
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Jackson, S &Schuler, R1995,UnderstandingHuman Resource Management in thecontext oforganisations andtheirenvironments,AnnualReviewof Psychology,vol.46, pp. 237-264.
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