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Its a nursing assessment. We need to make a poster in given topic. Please go through the assignment description properly and let me know if you need any thing.
2. Assessment details
Format: Poster
Electronic format only (no hard copy)
You are to prepare and submit your poster as one (1) MS powerpoint slide. Reference list is to be included on this one slide.
Some templates will be provided which may assist you in laying out your poster. You are not required to use these templates.
Weighting: 50%
The poster is to address three (3) key elements -
Part A will show the impact or effect of the health issue at the level of the individual, community and the population;
Part B will identify key areas where change can be made to reduce the impact or effect of the health issue on individuals, communities and populations;
Part C will describe an action plan to address the health issue, targeting a minimum of one (1) key area of change, which demonstrates sound planning and identifies health promotion/ illness prevention strategies in the design.
Health issue - Childhood obesity
Demographics - Select a group of children to focus your poster content and message on, who are living in either an urban, regional, rural or remote area of Australia. You can choose to focus on all children or choose a select group to focus on, for example: Vietnamese, Aboriginal, Somalian, Chinese.
• All children living in regional NSW
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in rural Queensland
• Children of Vietnamese-Australian families living in the ACT

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