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1. Students should access the papers listed below and available in Blackboard Course Readings , and select one of the qualitative research papers for their assignment
Vasey, J., Smith, J., Kirshbaum, M. N. & Chirema, K. (2018). Tokenism or true partnership: Parental involvement in a child’s acute pain care. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28, 1491-1505. DOI:1111/jocn.14747
Van Dijk, J.F.M., Vervoort, S.C.J.M., Van Wijck, A.J.M., Kalkman, C. J. & Schuurmans, M. J. (2016). Postoperative patients’ perspectives on rating pain: A qualitative study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 53, 260-269.
Nilmant, K., Chailungka, P., Phungrassami, T., Promnoi, C., Tulathamkit, K., Noo-urai, P. & Phattaranavig, S. (2010). Living with suffering as voiced by Thai patients with terminal cancer. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 16(8), 393-399.
Lindsay, H., MacGregor, C. & Fry, M. (2014). The experience of living with chronic illness for the haemodialysis patient: An interpretive phenomenological analysis. Health Sociology Review, 23(3), 232-241.
Brod, M., Pohlman, B., Wolden, M. & Christensen, T. (2013). Non-severe nocturnal hypoglycaemic events: Experience and impacts on patient functioning and well-being. Quality Life Research, 22, 997-1004.
2. Write a report on the research paper that covers the following areas. Note that in writing this report the student must use their own words and not “cut and paste” from the chosen paper. The assignment requires that you describe the research that was undertaken, but also apply a beginning level of critical analysis. The questions for this assignment have been based on the Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP)
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NURS2101: Foundations of Professional Practice 2A
Callaghan, Ourimbah and Port Macquarie Nth Coast Inst Semester 1 - 2020
and modified for undergraduate students. Students should use material such as the CASP tool provided in Blackboard Course Materials and also Assessments, and material on research methodology to support critical appraisal of the chosen paper.
a) Introduction: Clearly identify the research paper you have chosen, briefly state why
this topic is important to nurses, and outline what your report will cover. (suggested
length 100 words)
b) Background: Outline the topic area that was being addressed in the paper, and
findings from previous literature. Did the authors clearly identify the problem, what previous research had been done in this area, and what they perceived as the gap in current knowledge of this area? (Suggested length 200 words)
c) Aim: What was the aim of the research undertaken? Was this clearly stated? (suggested length 50 words)
d) Study design (Methodology): What research methodology was used? Briefly explain the philosophical underpinnings of this method. Is the chosen method appropriate for the aims of the study? (suggested length 100 words)
e) Methods: Describe how the study was conducted, including a description of participants, recruitment, data collection and data analysis. Were these methods suitable to achieve the study aims? (suggested length 200 words)
f) Ethics: Were ethical considerations addressed by the authors? Did you feel that the study maintained participant privacy, autonomy and safety? (100 words)
g) Results: What were the main findings of the study? Were they clearly explained and supported directly from the data? (suggested length 200 words)
h) Discussion: Were the study results discussed in relation to credibility, significance, and compared to results from other research studies? Did the discussion help you to understand the value of the research findings? (suggested length 100 words)
i) Conclusion: What conclusion did the authors draw as a result of the study? Did the conclusion answer the aim/research question? Based on the study did they identify recommendations for practice or further research? (suggested length 100 words)
j) Limitations: Did the authors identify any limitation in the study? Did you feel that there were other limiting factors? ( suggested length 100 words)
k) Reflect on what you have learned about the experience of the patient and/or family and discuss how you will apply this in your future nursing practice (suggested length 250 words)
l) Provided an APA reference list including the research paper chosen and any other resources used. Ensure that all source material is acknowledged in text. (Reference list is not included in the word count)
Weighting 25%
Compulsory Attempt / Submission Requirement - Students must attempt/submit this assessment item to Requirements pass the course.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1704 words including References

Title: Report on Postoperative patient’s perspective on rating pain: A qualitative study

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