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Its Bsc Nursing assignment.
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2000 word count.
Assignment topic choice 1
The use of sedative medications to control behaviours is controversial and has been described as being highly coercive and having significant effects on a person (Muir-Cochrane & Gerace, 2017). In this essay you are required to critically discuss:
• the controversy of the use of psychotropic medications to control behaviours and manage symptoms for people who experience mental illness.
• Identify the challenging aspects for registered nurses who administer psychotropic medication to the consumer who poses significant risk of harm to self and/or others, in promoting recovery-oriented practice.
Your essay must utilise a range of national and international contemporary literature, to create an argument that identifies the complexities of this issue.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2326 words including References

Topic: Use of Sedative Medications to Control Behaviours is Controversial

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