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Assessment item 1— Knowledge Management Fundamentals —Term 1 2020
Due date: Electronic submission via Moodle by 11:45 pm AEST, ASSESSMENT
Thursday, Week 6, 23 April 2020
Weighting: 20% of total unit assessment
Length: Maximum 600 words of discussion for each question 1
Relevant reading: Chapter - 1, 3, 4, and 5 of the prescribed textbook.
This assessment will help you to understand the history of Knowledge Management (KM) concepts, key tenets of the major knowledge management theoretical models in use today, concepts related to knowledge capture and codification, and trust assessment issues of knowledge sharing.
As part of this assessment, you are to answer the following four questions. The questions are based on the contents of Chapter 1 (Introduction to Knowledge Management), Chapter 3 (Knowledge Management Models), Chapter 4 (Knowledge Capture and Codification), and Chapter 5 (Knowledge Sharing) respectively of the prescribed textbook.
Question 1
“Knowledge Management (KM) is not anything new.” Would you argue that this statement is largely true or false? Why or why not? Use historical antecedents to justify your arguments.
Question 2
Describe how the major types of knowledge (e.g., tacit and explicit) are transformed in the Nonaka and Takeuchi knowledge spiral model of KM. Use a concrete example to make your point (e.g., a bright idea that occurs to an individual in the organisation).
a. Which transformations would prove to be the most difficult? Why?
b. Which transformation would prove to be fairly easy? Why?
c. What other key factors would influence how well the knowledge spiral model worked within a given organisation?
Question 3
A company is about to lose two of its key people due to retirements. One individual is highly outgoing, very social and has been actively involved in a variety of training activities. The other individual prefers to be given a list of questions that he will have to answer before each interview and seems fairly reluctant to embark upon the project.
a. Outline a knowledge capture strategy for each of those individuals.
The same company has also requested a long-term knowledge continuity strategy to ensure that knowledge is not only captured from key departing individuals but that this knowledge is coded and retained in organisational memory systems.
b. Outline how you would develop and implement such a strategy. Describe the key techniques you would use and justify your selections.
Question 4
Trust is critical for the effective sharing of valuable knowledge. How would you assess or measure trust? What sort of parameters could indicate that trust has been established and that it is increasing? Provide examples of key indices you could measure and how you would measure them.
Presentation of Your Assignment (Hints)
• Title Page - clearly setting out the title of your assessment, your name, your student ID, the unit name, unit code and the name of the lecturer. There must be no graphics or pictures of any kind on the title page.
• Format - submit one file in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format only. There should be no header or footer on the ‘Title page’ or the ‘Table of Contents’.
• Table of Contents - auto generated using the word processor. The title page and table of contents itself should not appear in the table of contents. The table of contents should be on its own page
• Body - this is where you discuss your answers in detail, where appropriate, references, headings and sub-headings should be included with the logical progression of your answers from one idea to the next. Do not use the word 'Body' as a heading - identify words that relate to the questions for the heading.
• References - this is a list of all the books and articles you have cited in your document to support the discussion of your answers. References are essential for supporting your argument/discussion and making it valid. Lack of in-text references compromises value of your findings dramatically. Use Harvard (author-date) referencing style for your in-text citations as well as your list of references. Each question requires at least two (2) academic quality references published between 2012 and 2020. Do not use sources that were published before 2012. Use of Wikipedia and other similar websites is discouraged.
Submission instructions:
Note that:
• Submission is a three-stage process of (i) uploading the file(s) (ii) saving the file(s) and then (iii) submitting the saved file(s) for marking. Please use the 'Add submission' button in the assessment submission area of the Moodle unit website to select and upload your file(s) for this assessment. You must then click the 'Save changes' button after you've uploaded the file(s) to ensure they are added to your draft submission.
• Once uploaded and saved, all compatible files will be sent to for originality checking. If you wait for half an hour or so after uploading your initial draft submission, you can return and check the Turnitin similarity report for your uploaded file(s) to see whether you want to submit them for marking, or whether you want to delete the file(s), revise and resubmit. For further details, please click here.
• Turnitin has a 24-hour delay in updating similarity scores for all files uploaded after your initial draft.
• Any file(s) you have uploaded and left in draft format will be submitted automatically for marking on the due date and time, so you need to ensure that the final version of your submission has been uploaded by this date.
• When viewing any feedback files for your submission, it is strongly recommended you use appropriate/compatible software applications which correctly open the type of file provided. This will ensure that the feedback is displayed as intended.
Assessment Marking Criteria
Marking Guide for Assessment 1 (20%)
COIT12205 - Knowledge Management Principles - Term 1 2020
Student Name, Id:
Criteria Needs
Improvement (0 or X 0.25) Adequate (X 0.5) Good (X 0.75) Excellent (X 1.0) Sub-Total Comments
Question 1 (8 marks) 0.00 Refer to assignment for comments
Question 2 (10 marks) 0.00
Question 3 (8 marks) 0.00
Question 4 (8 marks) 0.00
Organisation and mechanics (6 marks)
a. Title page (0.5)
b. Table of Contents (auto-generated). (0.5)
c. References as per the requirements stated in the assessment details. (4)
d. Sentence structure, punctuation and capitalisation. (1) 0.00
Sub Total out of 40 0.00
(Scaled) Sub Total out of 20 0.00
Late Submission Penalty
Grand Total out of 20 0.00
Marker's Name: MRH
*Deduction of 1 mark per calendar day late

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3364 words including References

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