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Assessment Brief
Assessment Title: Group
Weighting: 30 %
Description: GROUP (3 members)
Prepare a 15-minute presentation on's success in Australia from a
management perspective. You may wish to
include the following elements:
• International strategy
• Decision making
• Organisational structure
• Organisational culture
• Human resource management
• Corporate Social Responsibility
Assessment Number: 02
Due Date: Week 9
Learning outcomes assessed:
c. Describe and discuss the major management
functions of planning, organizing, leading, and
controlling in organisations
d. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of
the key managerial roles in the modern
organisation including human resources
management, staff motivation, and professional
f. Identify and assess several different models and
theories of management
g. Describe and discuss the role of workplace
culture and diversity in organisations

Material which requires referencing includes images, articles and information used in
the presentation
Please do not use Wikipedia as a reference as this is a non-academic source
The presentation should be impartial — third person / business-like and balanced
Academic databases can be via Moodle in the Library section
All in text sources you use must be referenced according to the Harvard Referencing Style as
found on Moodle
Statistical / diagrammatic / graphical evidence / logos may be included as an appendix
lappendices with appropriate information to support the report. These must also be referenced
according to Harvard Referencing Style (not included in the word count)

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 18 slides with Speaker Notes

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