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Assessment 2
Group Presentation
Week 8-9
W/o (Præentation 15% + Summary 15%)
Group Presentation
Learning Outcomes:
a. explain key marketing concepts and and know how to apply those into a range of business
c. discus how segmentation is used by marketers;
d. explain how an understanding of consumer assists marketers;
In the past 1-3 years, major intemational brands have withdrawn from the Australian market. Similarly, major
Australian brands have to enter the international market with no
In Groups of 3-4, you will research two companies: One international company that left Australia and one
Australian company that left the international market.
You must present your in a 10 minute presentatim and a 750-word summary regx)rt.
Your presentation and summary should outline the following:

Identify the reasons they left the market.
Compare and the similarities and differences in the reasons for leaving.
Their market in Australia.
What would. You recommend for other brands attempting to enter an international market.
Material which referencing includes images, articles and information used in the
Please do not use as a reference as this is a non-aczdemic source
databases can be accessed via in the Library section
If you use an organisation's website-O this should used for the of gathering information as
these are often written in a subjective or persuasive manner

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1317 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 12 slides with Speaker Notes

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