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Internet-of-Things (IOT) has been considered as a necessary part of our daily life with billions of IoT devices collecting data through wireless technology and can interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. IoTs play important role in many applications including; smart home, smart cities, environmental monitoring, health care, and smart businesses. It is expected the number of IoT devices will surpass 50 billion by 2020. This drawn the attention of attackers who seek to exploit them for their own benefit. Basically, IoT brings along a plethora of potential security and privacy risks to the end-users. The risk to IoT devices from a network attack has increased exponentially.
Threats to IoT can occur at any point on the internet where there is a potential weakness that hackers can exploit using different types malware. As the number of devices grows, the potential for attack and disruption increases.
Assume you are working as an IT security consultant at the IT department of ABC company. The company uses different types of IoT devices to collect very important data. As an IT consultant, you want to study the security and privacy challenges for IoTs. In this context write a report including the following sections:
1. Introduction of IoT devices, types and its applications.
2. Discussion and compare three recent variants of attacks against IoT devices. You comparisons must include table summarize the main points.
3. Identify and evaluate the three various countermeasures and formal security protection techniques against IoT attacks.
4. Discussion of two authentication protocols specified to IoT devices.
5. Summary
6. References in Harvard style.
Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 20% of the total unit mark

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