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This assessment enables students to demonstrate understanding of concepts and
patient focus factors in mental health. This assessment requires critical discussion on
restrictive and coercive practices in mental health. Students will be able to select one
question (from a possible two) and will draw from national and international perspectives
within contemporary literature. Topics will be available under the Assessment Tile on
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April 2020 by 23.59hrs
2000 words +1-
For students to demonstrate their understanding of
patient focused concepts in mental health.
L01, L02, L03
Submit your assignment via the Turnitin link in your
Campus tile on LEO. Please note that during high
peak times, Turnitin may take up to 48hrs to provide
an accurate similarity index. It is your responsibility to
ensure that you submit your paper with enough time
to make any necessary changes. Submit your paper
it into the regular drop box. Do not submit into the
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extension. Late penalties apply for papers submitted
after the due date. Please review the policy on
Academic Integrity and Misconduct policy if you
choose not to do this
Feedback will be available on Turnitin_ Marks will be
entered in Gradebook.
See rubric in Appendix 1 Please include the word
count of your assignment on the front page of your
assignment or in a header. Please note that in-text
citations are included in the word count whilst the
reference list is not included in the word count. Words
that are more than 10% over the word count will not
be considered
Choose from ONE (1) of the following options:
Assignment topic choice 1
The use of sedative medications to cnntrol behaviours is controversial and has been
described as being highly cnercive and having significant effects on a person (Muir-
Cochrane & Grace, 2017). In this essay you are to critically discuss:

the controversy of the use of psychotropic medications to cnntrol behaviours and
manage symptoms for people who experience mental illness.
Identify the challenging aspects for registered nurses who administer psychotropic
medication to the consumer who poses significant risk of harm to self and/or others,
in promoting practice.
Your essay must utilise a range of national and international contemporary literature, to
create an argument that identifies the wrnplexities of this issue.
Assignment topic choice 2
In reænt years there has been a movement by consumer groups to reduce restrictive
practices in Australian mental health services (Hercelinskyj & Alexander, 2019). In this essay
you are required to critically discuss:
the impacts of seclusion to consumers and healthcare professionals alike.
the role of the registered nurse in with cnnsumers to work towards
State/Territ01Y and National initiatives in reducing seclusion and restraint (e.g
Your essay must utilise a range of national and international contemporary literature, to
create an argument that identifies the wrnplexities of this issue (L01

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2614 words including References

Title: Psychotropic drugs and their effects on mentally disordered patients

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